Cats of Istanbul

Istanbul has cats – lots of them. This was something I did not know when I paid the city a visit earlier this year . For some history, I am a cat fan, I always have been – ever since I was a child I have tried to make friends with any cat that has crossed my path. So, a city like Istanbul holds a kind of interesting, lovely and sad fascination for me. The cats are everywhere and in the busy, touristy areas they are quite plump and kind-of cared for by the locals – although no-one seems to actually own them. Despite their seeminly being in reasonable health for the most part, I still have my concerns around the number of pregnant ones around and the fact that there is no obvious animal welfare and in the poorer ares the situation is not that – shall we say – plump. Concerns aside, they add something to Istanbul and I couldn’t help be drawn to their many friendly greetings or wary looks around the corner.