Please Note: Photography is not my full time occupation and I am generally only available for shoots outside of normal office hours. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions or comments.

[service title=”Sporting Events” icon=”star” color=”#808080″ size=”32″]I have titled the gallery for my sports photography as “Racing Adventures” because that’s how I see the sports I both take part in and photograph. Having been both a highly competitive canoeist and white water rafter, and a completely social sportswoman, I take great delight in capturing both the winners race and adventures further back in the field. I have a knack for capturing people doing what they love in places and situations that are both beautiful and daunting. I would love to join your team or your solo expedition and document it all so that you can share it with you fans and loved ones, and so you can look back and relive some of the most emotional and soul-shaping moments of your life.

AR World Championships 2016, Australia

Taking a short break – Raid in France

Running in the snow – Ingeli Trail run

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[/service] [service title=”Weddings” icon=”star” color=”#808080″ size=”32″]My style of wedding photography is very much to document your day. It is the day you have set aside and made a special effort to bring together many friends and family from far. You and your wedding party and guests have also spent time, money and love getting all dressed up and making the venue spectacular for the event. My job is to make sure you have a timeless record of it all once the flowers have faded and the special friends and family have returned to their lives in faraway places. For this reason I will not only focus on you as a couple, but also on your interaction with your guests during the event. I will include all the classic group photos of family and of course a pretty shoot of your bridal party at a location close to the venue.
First wedding dance - swept off her feet

Swept off her feet



Bride and Groom Kiss on the Railway

Bride and Groom on the railway

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[/service] [service title=”Festivals and events” icon=”star” color=”#808080″ size=”32″]The colours, spectacle and action at festivals and the stories and friendships at birthday parties and significant life events are like food for the proverbial soul. Capturing them is a delight! Please contact me for prices and details
Cape Town Carnival

Cape Town Carnival

Kirsten Oliver_2016-5106

Music concerts

Special Occasions








[/service] [service title=”Family” icon=”star” color=”#808080″ size=”32″]Family and friends are arguably the most important aspects of our lives and keeping record of the times we share is something many of us are not great at doing. I would love to capture your family/friends in the places you love most – they make for the most relaxed and happy photographs. Please contact me for prices and details
Family portrait on the farm

Family portrait on the farm

Autumn portrait

Autumn portrait

Boys will be boys