Raid in France – Day 4

As with all adventure races of this kind, the gap between first place and the tail end athletes has been steadily widening as the race progresses.

The sections are also steadily getting interesting, with lots of transitions and changing disciplines.  While not any less physically strenuous, there is plenty to keep the weary minds off their ailments and on the interesting ancient countryside through which they are adventuring.  This area of Southern France is well known for it’s medieval architecture and the landscape is littered with castle and chateau ruins and historical features.  The race makes the most of many of these, taking teams through, not only medieval features, but geological ones as well, with the spectacular Des gorges de Galamus and the Termes canyon – each with its own ancient architecture – the chateau de Peyrepertuse and the Termes Chateau respectively.  Over the next two days all teams will pass through these various obstacles on their way to  Saint-Pierre-la-Mer and their finish line Pizza, showers and loads of story telling to friends and family – perhaps after a few hours solid sleep.