Raid in France – Day 5 Termes Chateau

The winning teams are in and the middle of the field is starting to trickle through to the finish line at St Pierre la Mer on the Mediterranean coast.  At just after 3am this morning there were six teams safely home:

1.  Team 21. Seagate 101h32′
2.  Team 3. 400 team Naturex 105h46′
3.  Team 17.  112h39′
4.  Team 5. Issy Aventure Absolu Raid 117h58′
5.  Team 2. Arverne Outdoor 118h7′
6.  Team 28. Aventure Evasion 120h26′

There is still a big field yet to pass through the remaining checkpoints and reach the final section  of a 69km paddle culminating in a short section on the Sea.  The weather is magnificent to help the teams on their way.

In the late afternoon and early evening yesterday the majority of teams arrived and passed through the Castle ruin at Termes and on to the abseil into the Gorges de Terminet, where a series of boulder pools of icy ground water mean a chilly, yet refreshing dip before climbing up to transition 9 and the start of a 40km cycle.  At this stage many of the athletes are suffering from very blistered and painful feet and the knowledge that there are no more trekking sections spurs them through the final climb out of the gorge.